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Close In On The Cure
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Arabic Parts

Below is a posting of a list of Arabic Parts. Everyone has some Arabic Parts in their Astrological birth chart. I have published my own list of Arabic Parts as well as my own Astrological natal birth chart (January 09 blog post) as I often use myself as a point of reference for Astrological blog posts.

Many years ago I remember reading an article on Arabic parts and speaking with a respected Astrologer on the subject. I remember my interest being more peaked than usual when I read that I had a planet at 3 degrees of Capricorn, which is my sun placement and which is aspected. I remember reading this was an Arabic Part or point for suicide. I was feeling rather carefree and lighthearted at the time and in no way thinking of suicide, but as is my nature I was compelled to read and study further, because well you never know what may be lurking around the corner.

Arabic parts or points as they are sometimes called are mathematical calculations between planets. Often times they involve the ascendant or rising sign and are usually aspected in one way or another. I could write a lengthy piece on this, but often times the explanations for Astrological calculations are not only way too detailed, but sometimes just plain boring. So if you are interested in the exact calculations of Arabic parts I would recommend visiting our dear friends at Google and you will see countless articles on Arabic parts, each one more detailed than the next. For the purpose of this post however let us simplify things and use the example of my supposedly (hopefully not) impending suicide.

If you look at the list of Arabic Parts listed in the blog post below under suicide to the right you will see a calculation of a zodiac formula plus the house number and significant aspects to the chart.

Now if you look at all of the terms marriage, death, children etc. you will see there is always a formula and depending upon whether it is important to a particular chart in question there will be house numbers and aspects listed. In my particular chart if there are no house numbers or aspects listed then the Arabic part is not significant to my chart and the same holds true for everyone.

In current Astrology Arabic parts are not often used and are dismissed except for the part of fortune which is the most popular and most frequently used in the interpretation of natal charts. In Hoary Astrology however which is used to answer a particular question at a particular moment in time Arabic parts are more popular.

Currently I am pleased and happy to announce that I an not feeling, nor have I ever felt suicidal....however if you happen to glance at my list of Arabic parts you will see that speculation, spirit and sudden luck are all also listed as Arabic parts and now these Arabic parts all are alive and active within my persona. Of course all are rather nebulous and you may say can be applied to many people.

So in closing if you have an interest in Arabic parts visit again our friends at Google, pull up the Astrological natal charts of some of the world's famous Grace Kelly, Anne Frank, check out their Arabic points and you will be more surprised than you may think. It just may make you a believer and have you slightly more inquisitive to check out your own!

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