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Close In On The Cure

Close In On The Cure
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Sometimes it's better when you just come home!

Sometimes it's better when you just come home; whether you come home to a house, come home to a job, come home to a relationship, or for the purpose of this post I just finally had to come home to this blog.

As the New Year arrives, we all know how it is, we make all sorts of resolutions and promises to ourselves and if you are like me, you secretly wonder in the back of your mind if you will be able to live up to the expectations you set for yourself.

When I was unemployed this summer I became determined to learn more about photography, more about writing, more about Photoshop and more about networking. So from Twitter to Facebook, from Facebook to Stumble Upon, from Stumble Upon to My Space, My Space to any site that would have me and on and on and on I went. As I ventured from site to site, happily joining and securing my password as I travelled cyberspace, I was thrilled and excited as I linked all of the sites to one happy and friendly blog and that of course would be this one, The New Life. Then one day I discovered and joined Squidoo. Squidoo they tell me is an intricate lens eye view into any subject that you feel you are, or are close to an expert in.

So you ask, what does she think she is an expert on? Well ~ Squidoo tells me I can be an expert in almost anything and although I am not quite sure I believe the folks at Squidoo, I do feel confident and certain in my knowledge of Astrology. I am more confident and certain in my knowledge of Astrology than I am creating a Squidoo lens on the subject of Astrology; therefore I was forced after trial and error and a lack of finding an acceptable URl to abandon the Squidoo Lens idea and return to post said knowledge of Astrology on The New Life blog.

Astrology not to be confused with Astronomy, if not for the fact that Astronomy is a science, but for unfortunately a far more disappointing reason that Astrology has not through history and til this day received the esteemed recognition that Astronomy has enjoyed for centuries. Having said that however, let us also say that Astrology despite being debunked by several has also enjoyed interest and been revered by many for centuries.

For the most part many read their horoscopes with a laugh, a wish, a belief, a disbelief and for the majority of us having a somewhat casual, lackadaisical attitude toward the position the sun was travelling on the day we were born.

For years friends, family and assorted other individuals along life's path have mentioned I should delve more intimately in to the analysis of the birth chart. So with this blog The New Life it is my future intent to try to explain the elemental aspects of Astrology. I figure in the beginning we will start small and see where we go from there. It is my intent to erect charts and explain transits and answer any questions as we go.

Look for more to come on the subject of Astrology in the future weeks and months to come. Feel free to post any questions no matter how simple or complex and remember there should be no fear in a lack of understanding or confusion only a fear of not trying.

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