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Close In On The Cure

Close In On The Cure
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Understanding Astrology ~ if you try it, you just may like it ...

I believe for many people the reason they are quick to laugh at or disqualify any legitimacy of Astrology is due to a lack of understanding of the subject.

Many read their horoscopes in a periodical or on the Internet, see a general synopsis of themselves which could pertain to them, their neighbor, boss, or even the dog and instantly dismiss it with no credibility. Others who are more interested in the subject, usually do some research and are more likely to explore a little further and have a reading of their chart done. For those of you who have had a chart reading, and for those of you still unfamiliar with chart readings, in order to do a chart reading, you need the exact date of your birth, time of your birth and exact location of your birth. People sometimes struggle with the time of their birth, not knowing the exact time, and although the birth chart can still be erected without the exact birth time, you will miss many of the particulars which make the chart reading solely unique to you. So if at all possible, provide the birth time (many times you can just check your birth certificate).

In this post we are going to deal with some of the elementary steps of the basics of Astrology.

With my Mercury, one of the primary planets governing one's thoughts in the mentally and physically exploring sign of Sagittarius, I see every subject from every side, so I realise there are hundreds of postings, books through the centuries and people over the years who have written and talked on this exact subject and I think to myself why am I trying to explain this, however Astrology still remains a topic shrouded by disbelievers, mystery and a lack of understanding and although there are many subjects quite the same, I believe on this particular subject, if I can create more interest by just a little more understanding I will have accomplished my mission. You see as a Capricorn Sun sign, with a Moon in Scorpio, when I get an idea in my head, I am determined to succeed in accomplishing whatever task I set about. The Capricorn Sun drives me and the Scorpio Moon .... well for the good or bad of the reader that moon sign makes me more tenacious than any starving dog with a bone you have ever encountered. The Scorpio Moon with its good, its bad and its ugly if nothing else is determined and never tiring!

Now the planetary placements I have written about above in connection with myself ~ the Sun, the Moon and Mercury can all be found in every ones chart, but all of those planets live in one of ten houses in your chart and without the exact birth time it is difficult to determine exactly which of the ten houses your planets will live. Also just like the relationships that develop among your family members in the different houses of your families, so too will the planets of your charts, living in their houses develop relationships with each other and these relationships will be called aspects.

So despite the fact it is possible to write forever, I believe it is time to end this post for today; for although the Scorpio Moon gives me the tenacity to undertake and explain this, the Mercury in Sagittarius is playful and wants to move on to something new and my Ascendant or Rising Sign in Cancer, the sign most closely associated with eating is screaming for a bowl of ice cream, or perhaps a glass of wine and a few crackers with cheese.

So Ciao for now; and look for more Astrological updates in the future.

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