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Close In On The Cure

Close In On The Cure
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sometimes your eyes are just bigger than your stomach ......

As Thanksgiving approaches I just can't help but wonder why for years now I keep making the same mistake over and over and over again. Although the holiday has not arrived I had a preview of what was to come at the dessert table at work today. Obviously since it was a dessert table I'm sure you have no trouble guessing what sparkled and called succulent to me; there was the sensuous German chocolate cake, the fresh berries lathered in whip cream, some cranberry souffle tempting morsel with a brown sugar topping and a banana bread pudding. I gazed with longing and lovingly at them, until I broke down and tasted each and every one and kept telling myself, just one more spoonful, just one more bite, just a little bit more until I grumbled and growled and whined to myself about my inability to just say no! and my upset stomach. After more than twenty years in the food business you would think by now I would learn control ~ just a little, restraint ~ just a bit, temptation ~ turn a blind eye, but alas instead I tasted and tasted and tasted again.

Since it is the season to give thanks, I must give thanks for an energetic metabolism that just seems to keep on giving, but I am sure I hear the voice of some wise muse echoing famous words that go something like how long do you think this is going to go on honey; suggesting I close my lips, skip the chips, sit on my hips and make one trip for the berries!


  1. Holly/Prudence...I so GET IT! Having also been in the food world for many years, I, too, find myself stuffed and overfilled with delicious and special food prepared by talented and passionate chefs in unique and comforting venues!!! Coupled with a glass or two of fabulous wine, what is better than that??? My poison is savory, not sweet, but the same principles apply...too much temptation, too little self control and food hangovers, all well deserved. Food is more than nourishment...and I for one give thanks for the role it plays in my life, not just as sustenance but as an underlying excuse or reason to gather among friends and family and colleagues.
    I am following your blog...but for now please excuse me. The treadmill is calling! Time to burn off so I can refuel! Have a peaceful Thanksgiving...and EAT!
    Kathy Robinson Colicchio

  2. what a great post Kathy and welcome, so nice to see you after all these years and savory ..... oh happy day!