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Close In On The Cure

Close In On The Cure
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Am Prudence!

My mother isn't quite as computer savvy as she should be, however she has made great strides in the last year. She really likes to take pictures, pictures of everything, especially pictures of me; I actually despise that pesky camera with all the changes of lenses and this light and that light. Anyway, last January she joined Flickr; but she was rather shy and embarrassed, not knowing if her photos were any good, so she went under cover and used my name prudencebrown. Now if I wasn't so confident, I could have suffered an identity crisis; prudencebrown is actually the second name I have had in the five short years of my life. I was originally named Yenta; Yenta -can you imagine giving someone as adorable as myself that ugly name, but I was one of several of the "Y" litter and they just picked the most horrible name, in my opinion for me.

I didn't always have my mother; in fact I use to have to work really hard. I use to run 15 miles a day hunting rabbits. I was one of fifty! We were led by our fearless leader, the Master of the Hunt. Now they said my parents were really good hunters and my brothers and sisters as well, but I just didn't like it. It wasn't the running in the fields, feeling the wind blowing through my ears and the fresh moist dew beneath my paws I didn't like, it was just there were so many other enjoyable sensations, the smell of the crisp, fresh air on a Fall morning, the sound of the pretty dressed women and the fancy dressed men in the crowd, here and there little buttercups in the lawn, it just seemed whenever I would run with what they called "the pack" I just couldn't seem to stay in line with all of them. I think it is because I am more the artistic sort and often times become immersed in my surroundings; so I was dismissed for inappropriate behavior.

That's when I met my mother, her name is Holly. She came to the kennel where I lived with the fifty other hunting dogs and she brought something I had not tasted before, she called them treats and they are delicious! She took me to her house. Everything is really different here. My favorite thing is that big fluffy bed and that soft comfortable couch I sleep on whenever I want. There is no getting up at a particularly early hour to run fifteen miles through the fields and have to hunt that poor little rabbit. Now when I see a rabbit, I can just look at him and then look at my mother and she says everything is ok, and I am not expected to do anything. I go for long walks with her and my dad and sometimes he will even take me swimming.

All in all life is good; I still get in trouble for following my nose wherever it goes; but I hear them say that's why "she" always has to be on leash, because she is a beagle who will follow that hunting nose wherever it goes.

And ~ on that note, it has been really nice meeting everyone; I hope that you will come back and read the blog often; I'm trying to talk mom in to letting me be a featured writer. In the meantime, it is time for my nap! Sweet Dreams!!

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