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Close In On The Cure

Close In On The Cure
fountain at Love Park, Philadelphia, PA turned pink in October for breast cancer awareness

Saturday, September 19, 2009

And It's Live from Saturday Night ......

This is coming to you live and it is Saturday Night; the main difference is most likely the viewing audience; hard to imagine, but I don't have millions tuning into the blog for their Saturday evening viewing pleasure, at least not yet. Now why might that be; I mean after all look at my line up: first and foremost I am coming to you live from Lansdowne the cosmopolitan capital of the world, or should I say Philadelphia, or maybe Upper Darby, the point is who outside of Philadelphia knows any thing about Lansdowne or even where it is, and lets face it, who really cares. Let's see, Lansdowne is famous for .... what you had to go to the bathroom, sorry you missed it. This evening our guests consist of one adopted, rescued beagle wildly licking her adult blanket, resting in bed, working out a few obsessive compulsive disorders as part of a special psychological package. Our second set of special guests consist of two 75 year old sweet Republican Fox News addicts sleeping soundly in the next room. Is it any wonder I am not on the official Google list of "Blogs of Note"

In my earnest dedication to focus and marriage to the blog, regardless of what night it is, it is time to produce the written word! So here I sit again with the challenge of how to present my life in an exciting, entertaining, thrilling, breathtaking, addictive way to my readers so they will want to read more and more and more and my guess is if I express the beauty of a fall day in Landowne, yawn, it probably isn't going to cut it.

Which brings me to the point of this evenings post which is how to see and appreciate the excitement and beauty of even the most basic and mundane of days. Unfortunately this post will not contain a pattented apocalyptic formula for appreciation and excitement; but when life seems a little dull and a little lifeless and the daily grind seems more than monotonous and it seems you keep trying to make a change and instead you keep chasing that tail of yours in the same direction, well you might want to look to that crazy beagle in your bed with the compulsive blanket licking disorder. Try to understand why the hound is behaving that way and see the humor in it. You may earnestly ask yourself and honestly try to understand why the older Republican folks in the other room posess such an unswerving loyalty to their beliefs. Think about it, isn't there really a lot of humor in the difference between people's political beliefs and can you not obtain so many laughs among the differences. I know it is such a cliche to talk about the beauty of the day, but sometimes just the warmth of the sun, or the smell of a crisp Fall breeze, or a bunch of kids tackling each other in a good football game, well sometimes that is as good as it gets, and you know what, sometimes that is pretty darn good; and if all else fails - take yourself to Miel Patisserie on 17th Street in Philadelphia, PA and grab the sliced asiago cheese, with fresh strawberries, apricots and Dijon mustard on a french baquette. I promise, after you eat one of those your life will seem anything but ordinary.

So in closing tonight I just want to say Bon Appetite and's live from Saturday Night!! :o)

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