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Close In On The Cure

Close In On The Cure
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Daily Grind ~ Focusing

So in my earnest dedication to focus, write and make this blog a productive entity of cyberspace, I take type to screen in day two of my attempt at focus. Now that I am unemployed I spend most of my days looking for a job that I am not sure I necessarily want but need and pursuing the things that I love most; first and foremost photography, and second writing. Between the two, it does seem easier to me to focus on the art of photography. As a person who looks at almost every visual stimuli through the eyes of thoughts and questions - almost everything I set my eyes upon becomes a focus for a photographic lesson and challenge.

After I lost my job of two years on May 30, 2009, which was after I lost my business of fourteen years in 2006 I had some major focusing issues. First as most people are I became obsessed focusing on the basics of living, how to pay the mortgage, car, insurance, food, etc. all of these entrapment's we become encased in. Life as I knew it was falling apart, and after a rather lengthy time of torment, self-doubt, anguish, and depression I was forced to follow what has always been my usual path of salvation during difficult times and that was to jump quickly in to something that I had an interest in, but never had the time to pursue and I signed myself up for a photography class. This has given me the help I need to not only take my mind off of the daily monetary grind, the arduous and daunting task of looking for that job that never seems to knock on the door or ring the cell phone, but has given me a burning passion to get out of bed with a constantly changing look and optimism toward a new day. For just as photography is a visual reflection of life that can be savored and played with and toyed with and changed, so too is life a reflection of your soul that can be played with and toyed with and changed.

So as I end today's post ~ my thought is - in times of stress, doubt and depression, especially in today's economy think of something you have loved for years and have never had the opportunity to pursue; take a leap of faith and go do it; it will open a world of possibilities. Even if you don't see them yet, they are on their way; they have to be; I must believe!! :o)

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