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Close In On The Cure

Close In On The Cure
fountain at Love Park, Philadelphia, PA turned pink in October for breast cancer awareness

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Absent Again

The last time I posted, eight days ago I was feeling quite exhilarated at the prospect of completing my first story in almost fifteen years. I was thrilled at my dedication and determination and success at writing almost every day for both September and October and I was distracted from the arduous and debilitating task of looking for a job.

However, infrequently through my writings and uploads during October I would receive flashing warnings "Ckdsk Dirty Files on Drive C" and then the internal workings of the Microsoft cyber-wizards would crawl relentlessly up and down my bright blue screed saying "ckdsk complete" and I would think everything was alright; but again it would happen and I wondered why can't these dirty files keep themselves clean.

Then, thankfully after and not before one of my final posts of the short story "See the Children ...continued" ... I had just pushed "publish post", when the screen went black and would not boot! Oh what a terrible feeling!! I pushed and prodded and cursed and ranted and finally with trepidation and great angst I called Dell. It took one brief diagnostic tool and one heated lengthy argument on why I should not have to pay $50 for that one brief diagnostic tool to find out the hard drive was dead and I would need a new hard drive.

It took eight days and much lost data, many lost photos and the loss of my precious Adobe Photoshop CS3 program which is buried somewhere in a storage Pod after a house move which took place on July 29; but I am up and running.

I have missed writing; I have missed photo editing; I have missed posting, but one thing I have not missed, that writing a blog is a great distraction from is the never ending, unrewarding, vacuous job of finding employment!

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